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Flying Chalks was conceived with the mission of helping students enhance their international education experience. We want to make your planning experience easier through our interactive platform, and also provide you with shortcuts in the form of advice from seniors who have embarked on this journey before. also, We seek to connect you with other like-minded students so that friends and travel companions are always within an arm’s reach!

Project Requirement :
Author of Flying chalks came with his idea to create a portal for international students who want to enhance their international education experience with modern Framework Laravel 5 and latest Technology mobile device compatible.

challenges ,solutions &

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  1. Instant Messaging services with Mail:
    Client wanted instant messaging services
  2. Migration:
    Website migration from old version of laravel to latest version.
  3. Multilingual:
    Clint wanted website to be multilingual.


  1. Latest Development Tools:
    Used the latest development tools to overcome the challenges.

Technologies Used

  1. Technology:

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