Getrevify (Social SaaS application.)

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Turn your customer reviews and photos into your most powerful marketing tool with Revify.

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  • Client: Simi
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  • Status: 30-May-2019
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Revify is based on Social Saas application which helps in increasing customer’s lead, OPT, INS and sales by 47% live notifications, Its an powerful marketing tool you can use it to display live customer reviews on your website also helps in increasing followers with instagram POPUP. Revify’s reviews are placed above the fold on your site to hook your visitor’s, so they’ll stay and convert.
Revify also provide monthly plans with 14 days trial, Unlimited domains ,Unlimited Pages,Unlimited Sticky Reviews,Unlimited Visitors etc.

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  1. Review Pop-up:
    Review pop-up can be integrate to any platform with one code snippet.
  2. Conversion Card:
    Conversion card fetch out images from link provided.
  3. Affiliates:
    User can become the affiliate and earn referral bonus.
  4. Membership Plans:
    User can opt out a plan on the basis of requirement.


  1. Platform Independent Pop-ups:
    Used javascript to make pop-up work on any platform.
  2. Better UI:
    Provided better UI for managing the campaigns & reviews.

Technologies Used

  1. Technology:
  2. Payment Type:
    Paypal Payment Gateway
  3. Plugins:
    Memberpress, Affiliate-WP

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